Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 152
Sat. June 9, 2012

The Primitives
1988 & 1995

“♫ Here you
go/ way too
fast/ don’t slow
down, you’re
gonna crash
[…] ♫”

When I was in high school, this was years before the information superhighway was spamming us online, I had to get my music info from Alternative Press [Editors Note: Does anyone else remember when AP was printed in black and white?] and Rolling Stone. But truly, not being a KROQ kid because I lived in San Antonio and did I mention, oh yeah, no internets, I would listen to college radio on KSYM and watch M-TV’s 120 Minutes religiously. I would plan my record buying lists accordingly.

One of the band’s I discovered with my DIY detective method of trying to track down any information from any of my favorite college rock/indie/UK bands was almost futile. But every once in a Killing Moon- I got lucky and discovered a “new” band like The Primitives.

Actually—it was this Morrissey photograph from a UK music magazine that initially peaked my interest musically on The Primitives. I was a cliché lonely, horny and outcast teen looking for new music to make sense of my life as an unnoticed recluse. And if Morrissey championed a band—there’s a good chance that they would be memorable.

The Primitives were that band and they had a lovely blonde singer named Tracy Tracy. I loved the fact that this sweet singer had such a strange yet unique stage name. This must have been were The Dandy Warhols Courtney Taylor-Taylor got the inspiration for his moniker. Tracy Tracy did it first Courtney but cool tribute to The Primitives.

“Crash” was the song I saw on 120 Minutes. Immediately, I was struck with the 60’s meets 80’s British guitar rock with Tracy Tracy sounding like UK’s Deborah Harry.

Guitarist Paul Court described how The Primitives created the captivating UK single “Crash,” from their debut LP Lovely, when he said—

Crash’ was one of the first songs that I wrote for The Primitives. It was more of a Ramones style thing at first and we dropped it from the set early on as we had an abundance of those types of tunes. The opening riff evolved from a demo version that we did at the time. We were playing someplace the night it was mixed. I remember hearing it the next day and thinking it sounded like The Go Go’s or something. I Thought it might have a chance, but I didn’t think it was going to be as massive as it was. At one point we were actually worried it was going to get to number one in the chart…which, for a band that seemed to have come out of nowhere, would probably have meant it was all over.”

Unfortunately or fortunately for the band— “Crash” was never a number one song but it broke the Top 5 in the UK and was a Top 3 hit on the Modern Rock U.S. charts. And thanks to it’s appearance in the Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels 1994 Farrelly Bros comedy—Dumb and Dumber.

Seven years after its initial release “Crash” found a home with a new generation of Primitive fans who must have subscribed to Morrissey’s impression of the band when he said. “Well [Primitives are] definitely in my world […] Yes, they are very much part of my little planet.”

The Primitives are still part of my solar system. Rediscover Primitives—this little UK band that could and did with a song like “Crash” that will always be part of my subconscious memory soundtrack. How can you not love this song?

Which version do you prefer? The original 1988 mix?

Or this 1995 remix from Farrelly Bros. film?

Either way, I’m gonna be singing this chorus all day, today. Who wants to join me, are you ready? Press play and here we go—

“♫ Na na na
na na na na
na na/ whoa/
Slow down—
you’re gonna
[…] ♫”