Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 143
Thurs. May 31, 2012

“Human Behavior”

“♫ if you ever get close to
a human/ and human behaviour/
be ready, be ready to get
confused/ and me and my
here after
[…] ♫”

Can you believe Björk released “Human Behavior” almost twenty years ago? It doesn’t sound like it. Those funky electronic beats that producer Nellee Hooper helped sculpt in the studio makes “Human” sound as timeless and as captivating as ever. “Behaviour” flourishes with African textures and Asian rhythms along with symphonic inspired hip hop backbeats; Top if off with a sample of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Go Down Dying” and you have a blueprint for the brilliance of Björk.

Did you know “Human Behaviour” was Björk first single as a solo artist away from The Sugarcubes? It was obvious towards the end of The Sugarcubes that Björk was feeling constricted creatively within the friendly confines of her former band.

Björk explained now “Human Behavior” came to life when she said—“After The Sugarcubes, I guess I had a mixture of liberation and fear. It had been obvious for a while in the band that I had different tastes than the rest. That’s fair enough – there’s no such thing as correct taste. I wrote the melody for Human Behaviour as a kid. A lot of the melodies on Debut I wrote as a teenager and put aside because I was in punk bands and they weren’t punk.”

What I love about Björk is that you really don’t need to know what she’s singing about? Why, you ask because of that voice? Björk’s vocals are beyond chanteuse it’s more celestial with hints of mischievousness that blends perfectly with Hooper’s funky electronic soundscapes.

In case you were wondering what were Björk’s lyrical intentions for “Human Behaviour?” She explained to Rolling Stone Magazine when she said—“Human Behaviour is an animal’s point of view on humans. And the animals are definitely supposed to win in the end.”

“♫ There’s definitely, definitely
no logic to human
behaviour/ but yet
so, yet so irresistible

Speaking of, Björk explained the meaning to my favorite lyrics from Debut
At the time I wrote it I was referring to my childhood and probably talking about how I felt more comfortable on my own walking outside singing and stuff than hanging out with humans… I experienced harmony with kids, the mountains and the ocean surrounding Reykjavik and animals I guess but found grownups rather chaotic and nonsensical.”

This is the reason me and legion of fans relate to her is that Björk has succeeded with a unique universal message of weirdness.—“Behavior” is the first of many of Björk’s lyrical calling of arms to all oddballs to show our very own eccentricities with pride. This makes Björk— the Queen of the Outcasts.

Think about it?

Let this Icelandic icon, take that trip back to 1990s. Human Behavior” is Björk’s Debut opening salvo that makes being illogical sound so triumphant. Who else would add the tagline of “Be ready to get confused?” on the poster promoting her Debut single – “Human Behaviour?”

Sign me up—How about you?