Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 138
Sat. May 26, 2012

“Get It On”

“♫ […] they dug his
Stratocaster/ they dug
his pornographic crown/ he’s
got some words of
wisdom! / I got some
words of wisdom! / Get it
[…] ♫”

Grinderman are “over!” R.I.P. Long live the Grinderman. Actually Cave disbanded the band in 2011 after their set at Meredith Music Festival in Vienna, he announced —“that’s it for Grinderman. It’s over. We’ll maybe see you all in another ten years, when we’ll be even older and uglier.”

Grinderman were all about putting the man back on top in this age of political correctness or as Frank T.J. Mackey so eloquently said in Magnolia, it’s time to bring respect to the cock again. And who better to bring that respect back then Nick Cave and his banditos of Grinderman.

What did the Grinderman sound like? Think Charles Bukowski infected rhymes with an electrified horniness that shocking and memorable all in the same thrusting pose. All you have to do is put on the first Grinderman, self-titled debut LP and play track one.

Get it On is well— All four Grinderman members wish tell about their own interpretations of what they see as the meaning to ‘Get It On’.

Quoth Warren Ellis: “[Get It On] is sung across an excoriating mandolin loop based on an obscure lute melody from the 11th century.”

Quoth Nick Cave: “[Get It On] is a lament for the messianic rock n’ roll hero, and begins, of course, with a statement of intent; for me all the enemies of inspiration assume animal shapes, they are all around us and of course, inside us.

Quoth Martyn Casey: “Mice, dogs, baboons, hyenas.”

Quoth Jim Sclavunos: “Yeah, [Get It On] grinds… it ground…”

What the Fuck are you waiting for? “Get It On” doesn’t need a rock flavored dissertation to convince you to unzip the sound of Grinderman. In fact, Grinderman wants us to celebrate the essence in ourselves as hungry men and ride our snakes inside the gardens of our prospective Eden’s. So what if we’re difficult and have trouble communicating? We’re men. We are fearless, we are foolish, we’re hard and we’re loud. Cave is our leader in the world of Grinderman, making us proud and lending an invitation to “Get It On” crank it up and let it all hang out.