Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 137
Fri. May 25, 2012

“Never Gonna Change”
Mick Jagger with Superheavy

“♫ with your red red lips on
your poor suckling skin/ and your
cocktail dress made for posing
in/ and your father’s money and
your mother’s grace/ you always
have your very very own
way/ You’re never gonna
change/ You’re never gonna
change, your ways […] ♫”

I’m currently re-reading Marc Spitz biography Jagger and I understand Keith Richards’s quote that was recently reprinted in Rolling Stone Magazine, on Mick being “a nice bunch of guys.”
A hilarious and enlightening read, in Jagger— Spitz asks the immortal question—“When did Mick lose his connection to us? […] One minute he’s open; the next, closed for keeps.”
But what makes Mick so iconic and an everlasting rock idol is that you can never underestimate Mick. He’ll surprise you as Spitz argued that it was Jagger who came up with the infamously legendary guitar riff from “Brown Sugar.” I love songs like “Moonlight Mile” and “Winter” that expose the true essence of Mick or the man behind the stoic curtained smirk. More recently, Jagger surprised critics and fans alike with this “Wild Horses”—esque acoustic number. In fact, “Never Gonna Change” is so good that it’s definitely one of the greatest Rolling Stones songs in the last twenty years. Unfortunately for Keef, Ronnie and Charlie—Mick wrote “Never Gonna Change” with Dave Stewart for this Superheavy – side project.

Mick described how “Never Gonna Change” came to life in the studio when he told Spinner magazine—“I had two lines that I had written the night before as I was seeing this image in my mind of this girl with very white skin painting her face. Dave started playing this descending chord sequence, and I started singing these lines, and we made the song up on the spur of the moment. We did it in like two takes. That sort of things is fun, so I’m glad you liked that one.”

Never Gonna Change is so good that he shared it with his fellow Stones band mates and their response? Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts both loved it. And so do I; but, Sir Mick doesn’t really care if I like his song or not.

Still, “Never Gonna Change” is one of Mick’s best modern day acoustic/blues number. So good in fact that “Change” could’ve fit perfectly on either Sticky Fingers or Goats Head Soup. With this being the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones upon us, Jagger shows that he’s learned a few things playing in the world’s most infamous rock ‘n roll band.

Superheavy may be the worst name of “super group” but “Never Gonna Change” more than makes up for that ghastly moniker with a beautiful six string ballad that would even make his Glimmer Twin partner Keith Richards grin a half smile of approval. Grab a handkerchief, light up some smokes, turn it up and let Mick soothe your blues away.