Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 131
Sat. May 19, 2012

“Gold Lion”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

“♫ Outside, Inside/ this is
the moon without a tide/ we’ll
build a fire in your eyes/ we’ll
build a fire when the
color’s getting brighter/ Cold
desire, makes the moon without
a tide
[…] ♫”

Opening with a sped up-Spector-esque “Be My Baby” drum beat but it’s Karen O’s sultry vocal channeling her favorite Banshee; “Gold Lion” actually sounds like if Karen’s 1980’s heroine Siouxsie Sioux fronted Love & Rockets. We can think guitarist Nick Zimmer for his new wave meets postmodern tribute to Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins band.

Did you know that “Gold Lion” was named after Karen O won two Gold Lion awards at the Cannes Lions International Ad Festival in France 2005? Karen won the award from composing the music to “Hello Tomorrow.”

Karen O comes from the Allison Mosshart and Polly Jean Harvey school who are natural leaders who front their respected bands with such a ferocious sensuality. All three pen very poetic introspective lyrics over viciously electrically charged guitar layered beats. Like The Kills and P.J. Harvey, the more I listen to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the more I become captivated by their electrified sound. My collection of Karen O penned Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs are growing by the day.

It really doesn’t bother me that “Gold Lion” has that “No New Tale to Tell” vibe. I always say if you’re gonna lift some inspiration make sure it’s an artist that worthy of stealing from. Love & Rockets are that band. L&R are usually overshadowed by Bauhaus but with songs like “Gold Lion” you can definitely hear the mantel being passed down symbolically from L&R to Karen and her Yeahs.

Looking for the perfect Saturday Night song—all praise “Gold Lion.” Besides being named after an award, try contemplating the “Gold Lion” is faith, success, fate or is it one of those songs that grips you, keeping you guessing; such a joyous rocker with Karen’s enigmatic lyrics. Crank it up and get wild with “Gold Lion.”