Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 130
Fri. May 18, 2012

“Haunted When The Minutes Drag”
Love & Rockets

“♫ The word that would
best describe this
feeling would be—
[…] ♫”

“♫ Haunted ♫” — that was the emotion I felt hovering over me— happened the one night in 2004 I was held up by my house in the Garden District in New Orleans; that one crime haunted me for over a year. That’s the word, how it felt, seeing that silver gun over and over again in my head. “♫ Haunted ♫” I was afraid to go outside and paranoid that someone was going to break into my second floor balcony apartment.

“♫ Haunted ♫” was the feeling that cursed me. The shell shock anxiety I felt soon became a full-fledged case of Post Dramatic Stress Disorder. I ran to Europe, I had a breakdown in Paris at my Uncle’s apartment in Paris, France. I flew home a week later. “♫ Haunted ♫”

“♫ I trace the outline of your
eyes/ blue in the
mirror, hypnotized and
… ♫”

I remember having these anxiety attacks on the drive home at night. Remember that demon from the first Twilight Zone movie from the 1980’s—it was the section of the film when John Lithgow claims to see a creature on the wing of the plane? [Editor’s Note: It’s actually a remake, William Shatner original played the passenger in the episode on the original TV Series.] The monster on the plane, that’s what my anxiety demon looked like. That feeling, even while driving was “♫ Haunted. ♫”

“♫ Haunted—by your
eyes, by your
voice/ by your
smile, by your
mouth/ by your
soul— haunted

The only thing that would make the demons and anxiety attacks go away would be the music. Especially Love and Rockets “Haunted When The Minutes Drag.” “Haunted” is seriously one of my top Fifty songs of all time. Did you know that “Haunted” is a medley of TWO songs, one by David J and the other by fellow Love and Rockets band mate—Daniel Ash. David’s is the first half and then Ash’s is the second more sinister part. I recall singing those Ash’s and David J lyrics in my car, magically making my anxieties go away. Music like Love & Rockets soothed my inner savage beast of fright.

“♫ so this is for when you feel
Happy/ and this is for when
you feel sad / and this is for
when you feel
… ♫”

“Haunted” was my theme song circa 2004 and is the ultimate Manic Depressive’s anthem. It’s one of the few songs that you can play while furious, depressed and euphoric. “Haunted” is a song that’s equally powerfully seductive. Thank You Love & Rockets for healing me with such a killer song. Original released on 1985’s Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven — “Haunted” s definitely, one of my favorites and one of the most memorable songs in the whole Love & Rockets canon.