Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 127
Tues. May 15 2012

“(I’d Go The) Whole Wide World
Wreckless Eric

Thanks to 2006’s Stranger than Fiction—the scene where Will Ferrell serenades Maggie Gyllenhall’s character to be exact—is the reason we’re all familiar with Whole Wide World.

Wreckless Eric is actually Eric Goulden. He wrote the song in 1974 but it was three years later during the raging days of Punk, while Eric was signed to Still Records, thanks to help from Nick Lowe on guitar and Ian Dury on drums Whole Wide World was finally released in 1977.

What makes Whole Wide World is Eric’s scratchy vocal and Lowe’s killer guitar riffs.
Eric can thank Lowe and Dury Eric for helping him record the ultimate new wave-punk-glam rock single. Subsequently, twenty years after its release Mojo Magazine named “Whole Wide World” one of the best punk singles of all time.

My wife and I had a conversation today about fate. She said. “All I had to do was stay here. You had to go all around the world so we could find each other.”

And that’s why I married her.

“♫ I’d go the whole wide
World/ I’d go the whole
wide world/ just to find
[…] ♫”

I did and I’d do it, go through it all again—just to find her. The sound of love according to Wreckless Eric is one that you will be falling for—Get ready to rediscover the world’s first punk rock love song?