Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 125
Mon. May 14 2012

“Baby’s Request [2012 Kisses]”
Paul McCartney

Guess what Don’t Forget 365’ers? In less than a week Paul McCartney will be dropping his digitally remastered re-release of Ram— the LP he wrote and recorded with Linda circa 1971.

“♫ When the moon lays his
head on a pillow/ and the
stars settle down for a
rest/ just do me one small
favor, I beg you/ please
play me my baby’s
[…] ♫”

Speaking of Macca— seven years after Ram, Paul wrong song he wrote with Linda—this time with Wings. “Baby’s Request” was this little jazz number Paul penned for the 73 year old Mills Brothers. Paul’s children actually, convinced him to record and add “Baby’s Request” to the final running order of 1978’s Back to the Egg.

The original from Back to the Egg has some really clever jazz overtones courtesy of guitarist Laurence Juber. According to John Blaney’s Lennon & McCartney:Together Alone—Paul remembered that guitarist Laurence Juber had been a member of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Macca had Juber lay some clever jazz “phrasings” but unfortunately the moog’s obstruct the vintage jazz aura of “Request.” Proving, there is a reason; moog synths were left abandoned in the 1970’s:

Cut to 2012, Paul is preparing arrangement on a few of his own compositions, for his standards album Kisses on the Bottom. Sharing ideas with Diana Krall producer Tommy LiPuma, Tommy loved the sound and this how thirty four years after Back to the Egg—“Baby’s Request” was resurrected and found a home as a bonus track on Kisses.

If you’re like me, anxiously waiting for Linda and Paul’s Ram to be re-released next week—spin this rare treat from the Kisses Sessions. Go beyond Back to the Egg with “Baby’s Request” hatched again with a jazz standard sound that’s timeless and beautifully gentle for this Monday morning. Enjoy, a little Paul with a jazzy big band feel. Just make sure you embrace the sound of Macca’s rare Kisses —“Baby’s Request.”