Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 115
Thurs. May 3, 2012

“Can’t Stop”
Norah Jones

“♫ And I can’t stop fighting you/ but I won’t stop trying […] ♫”

I just can’t quit you, Norah Jones. Her new songs are like soundtracks to unmade David Lynch films. I am lovin’ her latest collaboration with Danger Mouse. If you’re wondering what track sparked a sonic shift in Norah’s gifted tone—“Can’t Stop” is the song that lead to her latest—Broken Little Hearts.

Actually, “Can’t Stop” was recorded circa 2009 and released as a rare exclusive track online. It’s worth digging up this Norah Jones rarity. “Can’t Stop” sounds like it needs to be a theme song for an episode of this up and coming season of HBO’s True Blood. “Can’t Stop” has that trademark dirty/twangy rockabilly guitar sound and Jones is crooning a damsel in distress vocal that’s common place in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

If you loved the feel of Broken Little Hearts, then go back and get a taste of “Can’t Stop;” it’s a rare song, so dynamically intricate that you will not want to let this chanteuse de melancholia—Norah Jones out of your headphones.