Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 113
Tues. May 1, 2012

“Common People”

“♫ You wanna live like common people/ You
wanna see whatever common people see/ Wanna
sleep with common people/ You
wanna sleep with common people like me?” But she
didn’t understand—She
just smiled and held my hand

Do you think when Jarvis Cocker bought his Casiotone MT-500 in 1995, the same one he used to compose “Common People,” he realized he would be composing the anthem for the American Spring 2012?

I believe Jarvis said it best in the liner notes to Different Class:

There is a War in Progress—don’t be a casual(ty). The time to decide whose side you’re on is here. Choose wisely. Stay Alive in […]”

2012—The American Spring is upon us. Let Pulp sing this anthem for you and me. “Common People” is dedicated to our beloved revolutionary sweethearts around the globe.

And when they ask you why?—just smile and sing these Jarvis lyrics prouder than ever before:

“♫ You will never understand/ How
it feels to live your life/ with
no meaning or control/ and
with nowhere left to go/ You
are amazed that they exist/ And
they burn so bright/ Whilst
you can only wonder why?

And if you get some down time watch the BBC documentary – The Story of Pulp’s Common People: (Part 1 of 4)