Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 112
Mon. April 30, 2012

“Talk Show Host”

I’ve come to the conclusion that “Talk Show Host” carries the same aura of mystique as Boba Fett holds in the Star Wars universe. Both arrived mysteriously in the middle of Radiohead’s career and in second of the great original trilogy that is Empire. Like Fett for Star Wars devotees, just mentioning “Talk Show Host” means that you are a true Radiohead fan.

The band has never officially spoken on the record about the meaning of “Host.” I think it’s about someone waiting to be ‘discovered’ while watching TV at home. That’s just my interpretation. Saying that I have no idea what “Talk Show Host” is really about? I’ve read rumors that Thom said that “Host” was inspired by The Goon Show’s Chuck Barris. I even read where some scholar voted “Talk Show Host” sexiest song ever. Who knows?

Infamously known for making an appearance on the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, “Talk Show Host” is often voted one of the best B-sides in the whole Radiohead canon.

Okay Radiohead fans, time for you to select which version of “Talk Show Host” is your favorite?

Most fans prefer this one: Listen for the cat like meow licks towards the end of this original guitar heavy version.

And then there’s the Nellie Hopper trip hop inspired remix as heard on the Romeo + Juliet.

I don’t you about you but “♫ I’m ready ♫” to hear “Talk Show Host” again!

And I bet that even Boba Fett would fucking listen to “Talk Show Host!” Yes, he’ is that cool!