Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 111
Sun. April 29, 2012

“Unfinished Sympathy”
Massive Attack

The soundtrack to Sliver and more specifically my crush on Sharon Stone is the reason I am still a Massive Attack fan. You see, I saw Sliver because Stone starred along with “Sympathy” and Massive Attack who appeared on the soundtrack that I bought. And btw—wasn’t every normal horny guy crushing’ on Stone back then?

In 1991, “Sympathy” was the song that put Bristol, trip hop and Massive Attack all on the map to immortality. My favorite line—“♫ You’re the book that I have opened/ and now I’ve got to know much more […] ♫” confirms Spin Magazine’s depiction of “Sympathy” as “a string laden a lament to lost love.”

Chanteuse Shara Nelson—she is the one who brings the voice of “lost love” to life. Its Nelson’s soaring vocals that make “Sympathy” the first symphony of the Trip Hop era/

I bet that if we were at a party with Thom Yorke and someone spun “Unfinished Sympathy” he would go mental! You can tell by listening to “Reckoner” that Yorke loves himself some Massive Attack. Just the back beats and the strings have a definite Massively “Sympathy” inspired sound.

I rediscovered this trip hop treasure yesterday while listening to “Reckoner;” but main reason I chose Massive Attack for my song today is because of the fact that David “fucking” Lynch directed the video for “Unfinished Sympathy.” How cool is that Lynch loves some Massive Attack? David always had good taste. Massive Attack and David Lynch two of my favorite artists in collaboration. Sit back and enjoy this one and Happy Sunday!