Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 110
Sat. April 28, 2012


I know what you’re thinking another James song, but wait—watch this clip and you will understand why this UK Manchester band better ‘unknown as’ James— is such an inspiration to me.

“Sound” is James at their most poetic, seductive and so dynamic it puts you in a trance of release that you need to experience. It starts from the beginning—those lyrics are pure me.

“♫ Ape your father’s sins, your mother’s mood swings/ to perfection/ fall into a spin, shed another skin/ strip away all your protection […] ♫”

More than an anthem—Sound is an actually “♫ invitation to leave yourself behind. ♫”

The ending guitar drone must have been an inspiration to their counterparts from Athens, GA because that distinct climatic riff sounds exactly like the conclusion to R.E.M.’s “Hope.”

Let the sound of James in—today, this Saturday, follow Tim Booth’s advice—“♫ Do everything you fear/ in this there’s power/ fear is not to be afraid of. ♫”

If you ever have the honor of seeing James live—“Sound” is now the closing song that can clock in up to twelve minutes plus. It’s such an addictive sound and a fitting sequel to their most famous anthem—“Sit Down.” Enjoy the clip circa 2001.

UPDATE: 05/01/12
So guess what, after posting “Sound” I sent a tweet to Mr.Tim Both telling him about this dream James recorded a version of “Sound” with Bruce Springsteen. It was James & The E-Street band- & it was magical! Well Mr. Booth responded back by Tweeting: “I want that Dream!” It turns out James and Springsteen will be in Rio on June 3rd. Could this “Sound” meeting on stage actually happen? Stay tuned!