Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 103
Sat. April 21, 2012

Echo & The Bunnymen

“♫ Ghost train stopping at my station/ Helter Skelter down the wheel of life/ gotcha! / got the motivation/motive’s/ breaking tonight […] ♫”

It’s officially I’ve currently found myself in an Echo & The Bunnymen revival kind of mood. I have the fever and the only prescription… is more Echo! Do you remember 1987’s “Rollercoaster?”—Originally released as a B-side to “Lips like Sugar,” “Rollercoaster” is a monster, check that—a mega of a song.

Who remembers the 1995 side project Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant? “Rollercoaster” are the rhythmic fruits that spawned the grunge flavored riffs of the future collaborative group called Electrafixion. Besides Sergeant’s dynamic riffs, what I love most is Ian doing his best Iggy Pop meets Screaming Jay Hawkins vocal homage on “Rollercoaster.”

What are you waiting for? Get some Echo in your life? Crank this gem of a Bunnymen B-side in your car and get ready to shred some major Sergeant inspired air guitar!