Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 93
Wed April 11, 2012


“♫ You must say what you’re thinking/ I’m no mind reader of the stars/ we won’t get older/ it’s so fleeting […] ♫”

“Hello” from 1999’s Millionaires is the perfect rainy day Wednesday song. “Hello” sounds like its coming to life, every time, anew— and that’s because Tim Booth sings in the moment. Did you know that Tim Booth made up the words to “Hello” in a single take? James has learned to record Booth’s many waves of lyrical spontaneity.

Booth said of the band’s use of improv in the studio: “Improvisation leads to some really amazing accidents,” […] “If you’re a singer songwriter sitting down with a guitar, you can’t do that. In our view it leads to an honest, unconscious originality. “

This amazing accident is a distant more piano based relative of Whiplash’s “Blue Pastures.” Although, not as fatalistic as “Pastures,” “Hello” has a more hopeful vibe and it’s equally as memorable— thanks to producer Brian Eno, who makes it sound like “Hello” is being transmitted, floating from space.

Slip on your headphones, turn on track 7 from James’ Millionaires and watch those raindrops fall with Tim Booth serenading your daydreams—get reacquainted with James and the rainy day sounds of “Hello.”