Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 92
Tues April 10, 2012

As Far As I Can See
Tim Booth

“♫ I saw you standing there/ mono brow/ long black hair/ dance like Freda Kahlo/ your dance was alone, so alone/ when you shook your hips/ he fire climbed up your spine and spread into your hair […] ♫”

“As Far As I Can See” has Tim Booth playing an Omnichord, it’s actually a harp shaped child’s instrument, a gift from producer Brian Eno. Eno actually produced some of James’ most successfully creative albums Laid, Millionaires and Pleased To Meet You. It’s nice to see Eno is still inspiring his old friend.

I just found out Tim Booth had recently released a new solo record. Booth talked to Absolute Radio about his new album—“The album is called Love Life. There are a few songs about love, relationships and domesticity […] songs about love— “As Far As I Can See” is the first song— and it’s a straight forward love song to my beloved…”

James fans reunite! The Voice still sounds mysteriously wondrous—Tim Booth has returned with “As Far As I Can See—” still taking us away with his Mancunian covered lyrical serenades!

“♫ For as far as I can see/ we were carved from the same tree/ two lonely refugees / trying hard just to get home /for as far as I can tell/ we were drawn from the same well/ the same visions the same dreams/ hoping for ecstasy […]♫ ”

Excuse me while I re-play Booth’s lovely acoustic flavored “As Far As I Can See;” so addictive— like any classic love song that you have to hear—as it spins within you— again and again.