Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 83
Sun. April 1, 2012

Coming Down Again
The Rolling Stones

“♫ Coming down again, coming down again/ Share your thoughts, there’s nothing you can hide […]♫”

Coming Down Again is the song Allmusic deemed— “has all the elements of what had become a classic, Rolling Stones ballad […]” It was overshadowed on Goats Head Soup by another of Keith Richards inspired songs—the number one hit “Angie.”

Post Exile—the Goats Head Soup sessions were one of the most tumultouous in the band’s history. Recorded in Jamaica, these Goats Head Soup sessions was where Keith was in the midst of his heroin addiction.

From Toby Cresswall’s 101 Songs—comes this quote from Melody Maker’s Michael Watts who was at the Goats Head Soup sessions in Jamaica. “He [Richards] looked very wasted, very frail.” I agree with Cresswall’s assessment that Coming Down Again was very dream and was the “musical embodiment of being ‘elegantly wasted.’” Coming Down Again represents hazy, druggy—feeling guilty confessional that Keith felt for stealing Anita Pallenberg from Brian Jones. For all the sordid yet eloquently written details check out Richards tome—Life.

Coming Down Again is the perfect lazy Sunday song for getting over Saturday night. Put on your headphones, because there’s a mumbling voice I just discovered at the beginning track three of Goats Head Soup’s “Coming Down Again.” Crank it up and see if you can hear the mystery mumble too?