Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 80
Thurs. March 28, 2012

Twenty-Nine [live]
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

“♫ singing and dancing to them nighttime songs […]♫”

Mañana is my day off and I’m going to celebrate tonight by cranking up this rockous and rare live version & title track of one of Ryan Adams most underrated 29 LP. This 9 minute epic, from 2006 show at The Vogue Theater Indianapolis, IN, starts off with a fake “Beautiful Sorta” intro and goes directly into an electrified brilliant awesomeness that is Twenty-Nine.

You really get The Doors feel of “Roadhouse Blues” influence on this live rendition. Ryan told The Times Online Interview circa 2006: “I wrote it when I turned 30. People said it sounds like “Truckin” but the riff is Chuck Berry—it’s “♫ driving along in my automobile ♫.” [There’s also] a little bit of the Doors in there; I was thinking a lot about The Doors when I made this.”


Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Twenty Nine [live 2006 at the Vogue Theater]