Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 77
Mon. March 26, 2012

Pleased to Meet You

“♫ I have witnessed starbursts in your coal black eyes/ I am what I try to deny/ I have seen the serpent coiling set to strike/ and Love is the usual disguise […] ♫”

Today’s favorite song is my current obsession. I cannot stop playing this gem from James. Anyone else catch the obvious reference to “Sympathy for the Devil?” The fifth song from was to be the last ever James album, circa 2001—Pleased to Meet Me signaled the return of producer Brian Eno. Eno was at the helm of James’ most successful album Laid. The band was hoping reuniting with Eno would bring back the magic of those Laid sessions.

From the beginning strands of the bass line you will hear the return of the Eno’s enchantedness of his delicate production genius with the title cut. “Please to Meet Me,” echoes the quiet eloquentness of Laid’s opening number “Out to Get You.” “Please to Meet Me” is not about unrequited love. “Meet Me” is the anthem for romance junkies everywhere. The key line in the song is “♫ I reflect the same eyes looking back at me/ and love is the only reply […] ♫” Booth turns his “Sympathy for the Devil” inspired tome into a social commentary on paramours who mold their emotions like clay to fit and appease their mates. This is why at the climax at the song is the explosion of emotions as Booth yells out “♫ What’s your name? ♫”

Please to Meet Me is one of James most underrated albums. And one that deserves a reintroduction—spin this record, there’s James’ beautiful timeless connection—waiting for you.