Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 76
Sun. March 25, 2012

In My Time of Need [The Rookie: O.S.T. Version]
Ryan Adams

“♫ Will you say to me a little rain’s gonna come/ when the sky can’t offer none to me/ ‘cause I will come for you/ when my days are through/ and I’ll let your smile just off & carry me […] ♫”

It does look like a little rain’s gonna come—what an ideal song to listen to on a rainy day! This rare version is from the very early Heartbreaker sessions but was actually released on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to 2002 Baseball flick—The Rookie starring Dennis Quaid. [Editors Note: Thank You Boweiwen for the correction.]

Ryan original said that he wrote “In My Time of Need” for one of Johnny Cash’s final American Recordings records but Cash got ill before he could sing and record it. Ryan explained to his audience circa 2000 on the inspiration for writing “In My Time of Need:”

When I was doing some recording in upstate New York there was this old man that was really interesting [. . .] I started to think about what it would be like if you were old, maybe 60 or 70 and spent your whole life supporting your kids and ran out of time for yourself and you were married and that was kind of hard. So it was nice, I took a little break to la-la land from all my ‘Oh, Fuck Me’ songs and wrote an ‘Oh, Fuck This Guy’ song.

No folks, this is not another one Ryan Adams ‘sad bastard’ songs—this version of In My Time of Need is timeless and one of his all-time best. This is a quieter and more soulful rendition than the one we’re familiar with on Heartbreaker. So lay back, watch the rain fall today and spin this vintage Ryan Adams classic!

Ryan Adams – In My Time of Need [The Rookie: O.S.T. Version]