Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 72
Wed. March 21, 2012


“♫ Take a look at where you are/ it’s amazing/ take a good look/ you’re no big deal/ you’re so petty/ it’s a laugh […] ♫”

Turnaround is probably one of the most confident sounding covers that Nirvana has ever recorded. Did you know this 1990 John Peel session featured the first official recording featuring new drummer Dave Grohl?

Turnaround is originally a Devo song—an actual B-side to Whip It. Nirvana fans shouldn’t be so surprised Kurt and the band had an actual soft spot for disco and new wave music. Kurt actually had the Abba cover band Bjorn Again open up for Nirvana at 1992 Reading Festival.

Officially release on 1992’s Insecticide, this amusing, hyperbolic cover—Turnaround is the perfect cover that deserves to be unleashed, cranked up to eleven with the windows rolled down on the highway on this day perfect for a drive, getaway and/or escape with Nirvana.