Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 66
Thurs. March 15, 2012

Kangaroo [live]
Jeff Buckley

“♫ Oh, I want you/ like a kanga-roo […] ♫”

I had a chance to see Jeff Buckley once in Austin, TX and I passed it up. I actually thought I would have another chance to see Jeff live. What a mistake, one I can never have back. I would have loved to have seen Jeff and his band perform a live cover of Big Star’s Kangaroo.

Studio engineer Mike Webb told Jeff Apter in his Buckley bio—A Pure Drop: “[Kangaroo] was a big “fuck you” to the label.” Much to the dismay of many Sony Music staffers and delight of his fans— Buckley and his band would encore their shows with twenty minute plus renditions of Kanga Roo.

The climax of cacophony of feedback that was Kanga Roo was a definite highlight of Buckley’s Mystery White Boy tour. I would have love to have seen Jeff honor his band, traditionally, after the extended jam of “Kangaroo” and before exiting the stage Jeff introduces each band member to the audience. This is one of the moments I frequently listen to— attempting to re-create picturing audibly the experience of hearing Jeff Buckley live on stage.