Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 65
Wed. March 14, 2012

You Were The Last High
The Dandy Warhols

“♫ You were awake/ and I should’ve stayed/ but wandered/ I was only out for a day/ out for a day/ it was Chicago for a moment […] ♫”

I just figured out why You Were the Last High is my favorite Dandy Warhols song—it’s Courtney Taylor-Taylor and co.’s tribute to David Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes.” Taylor co-wrote The Last High with fellow D.B. aficionado Lemonheads front man Evan Dando.

The Last High reminds me of those the long rides home on the Red Line—I would imagine Major Tom floating in outer space while listening to The Last High. It’s that galactic sound thanks to producer, Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes musical contribution that guitarist Peter Holmstrom described as—“Nick did the most soulful analog sounding keyboard solo you’ve ever heard on it.” And he’s right; Rhodes addition is perfect addition to Taylor & Dando’s ode to Bowie’s Ashes To Ashes—The Last High.

BTW, the clip for The Last High, was the one thing my poet friend Rich and I— never really cared for, I realize now is an obvious homage to Duran Duran’s Planet Earth video.