Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 63
Mon. March 12, 2012

We Will Fall
The Stooges

Last night I couldn’t sleep—thanks Daylight Savings Time! When I’m up that late, I like to put on the headphones and listen to The Stooges experimental wonder that is “We Will Fall.”

“♫ And we’ll fall to sleep/ Six o’clock, dong, dong real far, real far […] ♫” Iggy and the boys ten minute mantra was a symbolic passing of the torch from John Cale to Iggy Pop. The Velvet Underground laid the foundation, Iggy and The Stooges built and then destroyed the American house of punk with their two seminal albums.

Their fabled self-titled debut included this Avant-garde V.U. flavored number—but in reality “We Will Fail” sounds more like a Nico song. Listen to funeral-esque monotone organ and wicked eulogy like lyrics recorded in 1968 for Nico’s solo album, The Marble Index, also produced by John Cale.

At the time of recording “We Will Fail” Nico and Iggy Pop were lovers. She would knit sweaters while Iggy and The Stooges were in the studio. Nico had the most influence on Iggy during their debut sessions. “We Will Fail” is actually based on a night Iggy waited for Nico to arrive for their night together at The Chelsea Hotel in NYC. Listen for the dichotomy of Iggy’s lyrics reflecting the anticipation of her full flavored love while John Cale’s viola and the mantra chorus reveal the restlessness his sub-conscious constantly fearing her rejection.

Although Iggy cheerfully admitted, “she had no trouble corrupting me…” in Paul Trynka’s stellar Iggy Pop biography Open Up and Bleed— “[…] the corruption consisted on drinking European wines and learning to tame her [furry kitty].”

I’ll drink to that!