Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 62
Sun. March 11, 2012

Bohemian Like You
The Dandy Warhols

“♫ Well come over to my work/ I’ll have them cook you something that you’ll really love […] ♫” When I first moved, I made a mix tape for my first summer in New Orleans it was called The Feel Good Hits of My First Bohemian Summer. And this Dandy Warhols number was a feature on my tape. Just to hear the opening chords, brings me back to my single days in the 504. Like I tell everyone, I loved living in New Orleans—I had so much fun, I only remember half the time I spent there.

Most people know Bohemian Like You from the cell phone commercial. But did you know that singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor wrote this song about a girl he saw at a stoplight in her BMW 320i from his apartment window. A part time mechanic, Taylor imagined her car overheating and saving day by coming to her rescue. It never happened. But he did ask around his German car pals and he found out the girl in BMW was a pastry chef. Taylor concluded—“Needless to say I ate a lot of pastries that week.”

So he wrote Bohemian Like You as his imaginary relationship for this pastry chef who drove a BMW. Thank You, Courtney for writing the theme song for my first bohemian summer. It’s all kind of starting to come back to me… half of it—

Bohemian Like You is dedicate to all who I miss, shared tongues, hung out with, fed me and forget— from my short but memorable past— living the high life in New Orleans.