Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 60
Fri. March 9, 2012

I Keep Mine Hidden
The Smiths

According to Simon Goddard’s magnificent Morrissey reference guide (I seriously don’t listen to a Moz/Smiths song without it) —Mozipedia

This is what Morrissey said about I Keep Mine Hidden:

“[…] it was the last song Johnny and I wrote together and the last song The Smiths recorded together […] and it’s the one that makes me feel the happiest.”

Marr never felt the same about the last song The Smiths ever recorded. I used to call I Keep Mine Hidden—the poorly mixed song that broke up the Smiths. Now, I Keep Mine Hidden has been resurrected. Thanks to some postings from Moz message boards there’s been a discovery—a new mix of I Keep Mine Hidden has been unearthed and it’s completely mental.

You will find this rare mix on the 7 inch vinyl of Sweet and Tender Hooligans from the Complete Smiths box set, details can be found—here.

A rare find that’s far superior to the original thanks to Marr’s now soaring riff-centric solo that now can be heard spiraling throughout this fantastic new mix. Somewhere, Moz is smiling and Marr’s a little more satisfied with the sound of the last song ever created by The Smiths.

P.S. Props to Jose Maldonado, singer from L.A.’s very own Sweet and Tender Hooligans for keeping the spirit of Moz and The Smiths alive with his weekly show of only playing only Moz/Smiths here on Indie 103.1.