Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 55
Sun. March 4, 2012

All The Way
New Order

“♫ It doesn’t take a genius to tell me what I am/ or lecture me with poetry/ and tell me that I can […] ♫”

A song of declaration one of my favorites from New Order’s most underrated Pièce de résistance—1989’s Technique. I remember being exiled, alone during high school—I know, it already sounds like a cliché but this was my life—I was too weird and the truth was that all I has was my vinyl, mix tapes and CD’s—music was my only friend. So I stayed uplifted with lyrics like these:

“♫ It takes years to find the nerve/ to be apart from what you’ve done /to find the truth inside yourself/ and not depend on anyone […] ♫”

Looking back, I’ve always kept Bernard Sumner’s lyrical advice with me. Songs like All The Way have been lyrical affirmations that are the soundtrack to my ever present past.