Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 54
Sat. March, 3 2012

True Faith (Shep Pettibone remix)
New Order

“♫ Now that we’ve grown up together/ they’re afraid of what they see […] I can’t tell you where we’re going/ I guess there’s just no way of knowing […] ♫”

This Shep Pettibone remix, reminds me of sitting in the passenger side of older brother Rene’s blue Ford Escort, I must have been seventeen years old— as True Faith played—I watched leaves fall from this tree in this park. It mirrored Peter Saville’s majestic 12 inch cover art. Rene helped me appreciate music a little more. Looking back, that’s all we had. If it wasn’t for our songs and our sports I don’t think we would really get along. Rene was always patient with me—driving me to pick up a vinyl, cassette or CD.

Happy Birthday to my older brother Rene— he’s the one who helped nurture my everlasting devotion to music. Rene would pick me up on Thursday’s after school and we would go vinyl shopping in Saturday. Rene introduced me to so much timeless music from New Order, The Smiths, The Cure…For sharing all of his musical wisdom, I am eternally grateful.