Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 53
Fri. March, 2 2012

David Bowie

“♫ Turn and face the strange […] Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older/ time may change me/ but I can’t trace time […] ♫”

Changes is the song that best personifies the essence of the Bowie mystique. To be timeless and evolving— strange in fascinating Hunky Dory eloquence is the artist’s dream. Bowie has definitely surpassed this and so much more. Ironically enough, Changes was the last song he performed live before Bowie went on self-imposed retirement. As Changes keep coming, Bowie is there as the soundtrack to the ages— growing older in my kind of tripped tongue stuttering styled chorus— that never old. Sing it louder –“♫ Ch-ch-Changes […] ♫”