Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 47
Sat. Feb 25, 2012

Hey Jude [live]
Paul McCartney

“♫ […] the movement you need is on your shoulders […] ♫” That was the lyric, when Paul first played “Hey Jude” to John and Yoko; he told them that he was going to change. Paul had already used the word ‘movement’ already in the song but John said—The hell you’re going to change it—that’s the best lyric in the whole song. It makes total sense, movement on your shoulders. So now when Paul performs “Hey Jude” live, he looks up and sings it for John.

Hearing Paul play Hey Jude in concert is such a moving experience. I remember after I saw Paul in New Orleans—I went back to Texas to visit my family. One night, there was a special on ABC for Paul’s Back to the U.S. tour. My Mami watched with me as we saw all the places and faces that Paul and his band played for during the first leg of his tour. All throughout the concert crowd shots, my Mami would ask—“Is that you? Where’s my son?” She was so sweet—I actually saw Paul during the second leg but the fact that she wanted to see me there is the kind of Mom she is. She starts dialysis on Monday and the lyrics—“♫Take the sad song and make it better/remember to let her under your skin/ then you begin to make it better […] ♫” take on new significance in my family’s life today.

My Mami is the one who introduced The Beatles to me. For this Mami, I am eternally grateful. For my Mami, who’s ailing today—we sing my favorite live version of Hey Jude from Tripping the Live Fantastic and recorded live at the Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio on the 12th of February 1990. Get ready for the singalong–press play and let the magic begin.