Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 45
Thurs. Feb 23, 2012


Brit-Pop is making a comeback 2012. Suede is getting back together sans Bernard Butler. The original Stone Roses have reunited along with Blur. Guitarist Graham Coxon has returned to Blur and they are currently touring and writing new music. Can you believe that Blur wrote and recorded Tender thirteen years ago?

Tender was a turning point for Blur. After parting ways with their producer Stephen Street, Blur and Damon Albarn splitting with his girlfriend at the time—Justine from Elastica inspired Tender. Tender is Albarn at his most soulful. Nice touch adding the London Community Gospel Choir. Tender is Blur’s most popular anthem for those souls lost needing to believe in Love.

Blur is right—“♫ Love’s the greatest thing that we have […] ♫”