Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 44
Wed. Feb 22, 2012

Fire (live)
Bruce Springsteen

“♫ I’m driving in my car/ I turn on the radio […] ♫”

I was fourteen years old when my Mami took me to the Musicland at El Mall del Norte in Laredo, Texas. She promised me and she delivered. When it came to music my Mami always came through. A few years later, she would go to a flea market to pick up a vinyl copy of George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass just because I started becoming a Dark Horse fan.

There I was—at the record store counter, and I point to the box set Live 1975-85 by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band. I was probably the only one in my class in Laredo that listened to the boss as religiously as I did. I had a northern soul that I didn’t want to be extinguished just because we moved down south to Texas.

Why Fire? Fire is the song that begins with Bruce saying—“This is for all the girls here…” For a teenage filled with stuttering angst, a singer who can woo women with song is Godlike to me. I would love to have the kind of confidence, I imagined I was in Bruce shoes as that Romeo who along with Springsteen, I sang along trying to seduce the beautiful Juliet.

And when the song ended I woke up alone again. But the magic of Bruce is that even this teenage outcast had a few minutes of imagined backseat bliss. Thank you for being there when I had no one else but my records, cassettes and mix tapes— Mr. Springsteen you created a soundtrack of my teenage longing.

This lyrical Fire still burns…

“♫ And when we kiss…Fire […] ♫”