Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 43
Tues. Feb 21, 2012

Sweet Jane
Cowboy Junkies

“♫ Heavenly wine and roses/ seem to whisper to me when you smile […] ♫”

This is the song that did it for me. First it was hearing Heroin in Oliver Stone’s The Doors film, then it was R.E.M. covering Femme Fatale and There She Goes Again on Dead Letter Office and finally when The Cowboy Junkies redid V.U.’s Sweet Jane – I officially became a Lou Reed fan.

It’s amazing it took over artists covering not only covering this great band The Velvet Underground from this great man’s lyrics Lou Reed and I was literally hooked for life.

I had a co-worker from high school who actually told me that the Cowboy Junkies took Reed’s slow arrangement from the Live 1969 shows for their ’89 version. This version also made me a Junkies follower. I finally saw them live in New Orleans, my first show after 9/11. And the Junkies were incredible on stage.

One of the best songs Lou Reed has ever penned covered by these great Canadian artists. I can hear it already that relaxed guitar intro and I’m back as a teenager with my Trinity Sessions cassette on my Walkman—ears in bliss. Can you tell how much I Love this song?