Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 42
Mon. Feb 20, 2012

Perfect Day [live]
Lou Reed feat. Antony

“♫ Just a perfect day/ problems all left alone/ weekenders on our own/ it’s such fun […] ♫”

…ready for another Lou Reed song for today? Why, because there are kids today who do not know who David Bowie is? Bob Marley said it best—“If you don’t know you’re history—how can you know where you’re coming from?” My job is to school you with the greats—you should be listening to. If these kids don’t know The Thin White Duke they’re definitely not going to be familiar with the genius that is Lou Reed.

Lou is living lyrical legend who deserves, not only your acclaim but demands your full attention. The magic of Lou Reed is what he calls—“wanting to sound like I’m right next to you—singing in your ear.” It’s that delicate personal touch that makes Reed timeless.

Perfect Day was made ironically infamous by Ewan McGregor’s overdose scene in Trainspotting.

Original recorded for the Bowie produced Transformer LP but still—this is my favorite version of Perfect Day. Like Candy Says—Reed trades vocal lines on stage with Antony. So beautiful acoustically, with the cello—what are you waiting for? Put on your headphones, press play and enjoy!