Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 41
Sun. Feb 19, 2012

Candy Says [live]
Lou Reed feat. Antony

“♫ I’m gonna watch the blue birds fly over my shoulder/ I’m gonna watch them pass me by/ maybe when I’m older […] ♫”

Antony’s debut album was my first CD review from Treblezine. Music features website that I contributed to for years. Here’s an excerpt from that review:

If you want to hear beauty incarnate check out Antony—for a man to have a voice like this, sounding like he touches heaven with every tone he sings, is an amazing musical experience. […]There are women in music today who would kill for a voice like Antony’s—a voice that touches you with such delicate honesty that you never want to turn it off.”

I first discovered Antony and his magnificent voice on Lou Reed’s live Animal Serenade CD where he first brilliantly covered Candy Says. This version from Reed’s Berlin show is more of a quasi-duet with Lou sharing some of the vocal duties with his good friend Antony.

Get ready for your mind to be blown—what a voice. Press play and hear the amazing voice of Antony. Love this version, enjoy!