Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 40
Sat. Feb 18, 2012

Ride into the Sun
The Velvet Underground

“♫ looking for another chance to ride into the sun […] ♫”

On the Fully Loaded version with Doug Yule’s vocal used to be my least favorite V.U. song—until I heard these outtakes. It makes me wonder why Lou decided to give Yule vocal duties, extinguishing the dark beauty of some of his most underrated songs?

Let’s trace the evolution of Ride into the Sun. It starts off with this low key demo—you can hear Lou feeling around for the essence of the song. Listen for Yule, in the background, already trying to creep his way into the vocals.

Next is the outtake that sounds like Yule and Reed duet during the chorus of Ride into the Sun. It sounds strange yet still better than Yule’s version.

Lou remade Ride into Sun for his first self-titled debut. This version sounds like the closing credits as the anti hero rides off into the sunset song finale to a 1970’s film.

Finally, one of my favorites is this V.U. instrumental outtake version released on 1986’s Another View. I wish Lou would have put lyrics over this.

What do you think? Never officially released yet still a wonder to see the evolution of this magical V.U. outtake.

Which version of Ride into the Sun is your choice, favorite?