Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 38
Thurs. Feb 16, 2012

I’m Sticking with You
The Velvet Underground

“♫ But with you by my side I can do anything […] I’ll do anything for you/ Oohoh I’m sticking with you […] ♫”

You may remember this V.U. gem from the 2007 Oscar nominated film Juno. I’m Sticking with You was originally recorded circa 1969 for the unofficial fourth MGM/Verve album. It was finally released in 1985 on the outtakes compilation VU.

Why is I’m Sticking with You such a recurring classic? VU was historically known for their darker anthems sung by Lou Reed and in some cases Nico. Sticking with You has the innocent vocals by drummer Maureen Tucker. It’s a sweet Love song that I’m dedicating to my wife Michelle on our five year dating anniversary—today.

So many notable versions of I’m Sticking with You—try to find the outtake version, very rough mix but you can hear the smiles from Lou and Maureen as they sing, from ’97 Fully Loaded reissue. Also, this live version recorded in Paris during their reunion shows in 1993 is equally memorable.