Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 34
Sun. Feb 12, 2012

Sad Song
The Velvet Underground
1995 [circa 1970]

“♫ livin’ on borrowed time […] and everything’s like it should be/ I’m gonna stop wasting my time […] ♫”

Title of this V.U. outtake is misleading—one of the most hilariously ironic demo as Lou Reed croons about his love for Mary Queen of Scots in 1493. I love the way that Lou stays in character with his somber vocal. I would have been laughing trying to sing those lyrics. But that’s what makes Reed—Lou. He’s a madcap genius.

Speaking of genius—the music is quintessential Velvet Underground—sounds if V.U. incorporated most of these rhythms with Loaded’s Ocean. This is the perfect Peel Slowly and See outtake for my lazy Sunday afternoon.