Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 32
Fri. Feb 10, 2012

It’s Gonna Be Me [5.1. strings mix]
David Bowie
2007 [circa 1974]

“♫ I’m gonna, oh, baby yeah, gotta/ give you, baby, baby/ ’cause it’s gonna be me […] ♫”

This outtake is one of the best unreleased treasures in Bowie whole eclectic canon. It was left off Young Americans and replaced by two of his Lennon collaborations. Producer Tony Visconti added It’s Gonna Be Me to subsequent reissues of Young Americans by mixing in an exquisite 70’s Love Unlimited-esque string arrangement to this must have outtake.

I only recently rediscovered that my version of It’s Gonna Be Me was incomplete. For years I was only listening to half the song. Thankfully I found the full length version and it was worth the quest.

You see—with “It’s Gonna Be Me”—the Thin White Duke perfectly captures the oozing essence of nineteen-seventies Philly Soul sound. Thanks to the vocal arrangements by Luther Vandross—those soaring soulful southern harmonies. Tempted? Bathe in the beauty of It’s Gonna Be Me.