Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 28
Mon. Feb 6, 2012

Fall at Your Feet
Neil Finn/Crowded House

“♫ Lying in the dark/ I think that I’m beginning to know her/ Let it go/ I’ll be there when you call […] ♫”

Yesterday, Uncle Eric and I had this conversation about reconnecting with songs from our past. Today I woke up with this Neil Finn gem—Fall at Your Feet in my head this morning.

There’s something beautifully sinister about the theme in Fall at Your Feet. I think it’s about a man trying to let go. Every time he let’s go a little more, a reflection exposes his true self, not just skin wise but also the underneath as he Falls at Your Feet.

Here’s a live acoustic version, better than the original dare I say – and I did – enjoy