Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 26
Sat. Feb 4 2012

Rock Me
The Doors
2012 circa 1971

I’m really feeling the groove in this unearthed studio blues jam of Muddy Waters “Rock Me” today.

“♫ You gotta rock me little darlin’/till we’re satisfied/let’s rock a little while. […] ♫”

The biggest surprise from the newly 40th Anniversary re-release of L.A. Woman isn’t the “new” song—the jam “She Smells so Nice.” In fact the closing number “Rock me—”The Muddy Waters cover that includes the first time Jim Morrison came up with his lyrical alter-ego—Mr. Mojo Rising.

This climatic version of Rock Me can be found on disc two of the L.A. Woman 40th Anniversary reissue. These performances are rehearsals at the Doors workshop during the L.A. Woman sessions. Any Doors fan will treasure having to experience The Doors loose, unleashed, hilarious and alive in the studio. This rendition of Rock Me is a laid back bluesy number that’s the perfect ending to the new edition of L.A. Woman. Do yourself a fever and get down with this bluesy Doors gem.