Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 21
Mon. Jan 30 2012

What Goes On (live)
The Velvet Underground

“♫ What goes on in your mind? / I think that I am upside down/ Let it be good, and do what you should/ you know it’ll work alright […] ♫”

Until recently, I never really listened to the lyrics of What Goes On—it’s probably one of the most twisted yet positively uplifting lyrics ever penned by Lou Reed.

Doug Yule’s organ and bass licks groove along with Sterling Morrison stellar riffs on this 1969 live rendition I renamed— the locomotion version.

This live version reminds me of a train trip I took with my parents from Detroit to Toronto. That vacation made me a fan of railroads. I still remember the scenic views and the shaking. Everything was so bright, beautifully vivid locomotion yet the tracks shook so much it caused my Papi make these wide eyed goofy looks that would make me giggle. I know he did it so I wouldn’t be afraid. It was quiet the trip.

A lively performance that’s far superior to the original the self-titled third VU album. Need more convincing—press play, turn it all the way up and let the Velvet Underground take you away.