Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 20
Sun. Jan 29 2012

No More Lonely Nights
Paul McCartney

“♫ And if it takes a couple of years to turn your tears to laughter/ I will do what I feel to be right/ No More Lonely Nights/ never be another ♫ […]”

Last night I had another soundtrack moment—Michelle’s Dad came over last night, we were looking and laughing at old pictures. Good times are had always when Chas the Philosopher King visits our little kingdom in the clouds. As we were picture watching, No More Lonely Nights came on my shuffle— it so fit in this family moment.

I also remember a long time ago—curling up, putting my head right next to our huge stereo speakers. Those speakers were like my pillows. You could always find me there with a blanket listening to the radio. No More Lonely Nights was a hit back then and every time I heard the opening lyrics—“♫ I could wait another day until I call you… ♫ ” reflected how I felt when I stuttered. Even having a phone conversation back then was an ordeal. Words would stop and start—I just couldn’t shake it. Because of my stutter, I was worried that I would end up sleeplessly haunted and alone. How could I call a girl if, at the time, I’d stammer endlessly just by answering the phone?

But last night—listening to No More Lonely Nights with my wife and father-in-law— McCartney’s promise, that my younger self had day dreamed about, had finally come true. Thank You Baby, Chas and Macca!

My favorite part is Pink Floyd’s David Gilmore’s guitar solo is so transcending that it turns Macca’s love song into an eternal anthem of hope.