Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 18
Fri. Jan 27, 2012

Hyacinth House
The Doors

Happy 40th Anniversary—L.A. Woman! One of my favorite outtake from those early sessions has to be this acoustic home demo of Hyacinth House.

Lyrically, Hyacinth House is significant for Jim Morrison. It’s kind of a full vinyl circle moment, Hyacinth House mentions the final song on The Doors debut—The End

“♫ And I’ll say it again, I need a brand new friend, the end ♫” It’s no accident that Morrison references The End. Hyacinth House is the last step of the transformation that started L.A. Woman off as The Changeling—The Lizard King was no more. This Morrison symbolically is trying to reconnect with his earthy, bluesy roots. The next song on the album he resurrects himself as John Lee Hooker’s “Crawling King Snake.”

Morrison also chose this allusion to the hyacinth as a lyrical link from his song back to the Greek Myth of the rebirth of Apollo. Hyacinthus was the lover of Greek God Apollo who actually killed him. Apollo took the blood of Hyacinthus to create the mythical plant of hyacinth. Metaphorically, Morrison was looking to be transform but what—a poet or a blues singer?

That question has been left to the music Gods. Still unanswered but we do have this magnificent song, Hyacinth House, from L.A. Woman to ponder this and so much more…