Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 17
Thurs. Jan 26, 2012

Charley’s Girl
Lou Reed

I can’t get this Lou Reed song out of my head. It’s that simple riff—I rediscovered late last night—I dig it so. The lyrics aren’t very memorable but it’s that chord that sounds like Lou’s concrete dreaming in NYC.

Probably the reason I’m enamored with this riff so much is that it sounds so familiar. It’s kind of a variation of the howling riff from John Lennon’s Bring on the Lucie, my favorite cut from Mind Games. Maybe there was some subtle sort of inspiration, you see—Lucie came out in 1973 and Charley’s Girl followed two years later. And both Reed and Lennon lived in New York at the time—coincidence… dismissed as happenstance?

Still, Charley’s Girl is an ideal slice of the 70’s—maybe not a walk on the wild side but still a stroll down the seedy side of NYC with Lou Reed as our guide. Who’s with me?