Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 16
Wed. Jan 25, 2012

Love is Blindness

“♫ Love is blindness/ I don’t want to see/ won’t you wrap the night around me? /Oh my love blindness […] ♫”

Did you know Edge wrote this song for Nina Simone? I would have loved to hear Nina become Love is Blindness.

Love is Blindness has that Simone feel—a little dark, mysterious but you just have dive a little deeper to really unseal the shadows in this song.

Looking back and listening to Love is Blindness with twenty year old eyes so naïve—so much to live and I still hadn’t lost or loved. I still had a few decades left to learn that you can’t try to squeeze the final piece of the puzzle on the board called love. Sometimes we make choice in our past younger lives that lead us down dark paths but you must persevere to earn your scars and missteps. You have to dance in darkness before you can truly appreciate the glory of her light.

What about that guitar solo by The Edge?—Bono explains: “ His whole life came out of him when he played […] I was pushing him and pushing him and he played until the strings fell off. Actually, you’ll hear strings snapping during the solo towards the end […] ”

Rediscover one of U2’s greatest songs—Love is Blindness. Open your ears and let this beauty inside.