Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 15
Tues. Jan 24, 2012

Joy Division

Listening to Joy Division last night—I found myself engrossed in the lyrics of Ian Curtis.

“♫ Take a chance and step outside […] meet frustration face to face/ a point of view creates more waves/ so lose some sleep and say you tried […] ♫”

I was sleepless but amazed at the sound of Joy Division on how it still endures. I am enjoying rediscovering their mystical myth starting with Autosuggestion—the soundtrack of creeping shadows surrounding the sleepless.

I find myself connecting to deeper, Substance songs like Autosuggestion. Everyone knows Love will Tear us Apart but there’s so much more to Joy Division. What probably scares people away from Ian Curtis is that he forces you to look inside your own abyss. Most people live in veils of denial. Music like Joy Division is reminders of believing a lie that you want to ring true. Be brave—take the auto suggestive plunge with Joy Division—you will thank me.