Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 8
Tues. Jan 17, 2012

The Greatest
Cat Power

Alec Baldwin once said—nobody’s famous in NYC unless you’re the Heavyweight Champ or The Pope. When I was a little onion, yep, that’s what they called me in the neighborhood, there was nobody bigger, athlete, entertainer, politician—you name—it than The Greatest of them all—Muhammad Ali.

When I hear Cat Power’s The Greatest—I immediately think of Ali. What I loved most about Ali wasn’t just because he stood up to The Gooch for Arnold in that episode of Different Strokes in the 70’s or the fact that he was so mega that The Beatles wanted to meet him—I’d have to say it’s his unbridled passion to just be himself and not care what anybody thought of what he said, did and most importantly how he lived.

One of our most underrated modern day chanteuse’s Chan Marshall so eloquently croons this beautiful tribute to Ali. This already classic song is probably not about The Champ. But who better to sing an ode to Ali than Cat Power. 2006 found Chan going back to her Southern Roots. Soulful, all original and American made just like Ali—Thank You Chan for The Greatest.

Happy Birthday Champ—you will always be The Greatest of them all.

P.S. One question, Ms. Marshall—did you really record The Greatest in all one take? Incredible!

P.P.S. This live version is The Greatest—it shows Chan raises her fists boxing— Ali style at the beginning of this wonderful performance.

Cat Power – The Greatest (live)