Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 6
Sun. Jan 15, 2012

King of Comedy

Last night, I was driving home from another exhausting last night shift, cracking up R.E.M.’s King of Comedy and singing—“♫ I’m Not Commodity […] ♫”

It was therapeutic. It felt good to let it all out singing the closing chorus to King of Comedy. Monster is the perfect album for that. It’s probably the strangest R.E.M. album in their canon. Monster is the album that foreshadows our current world obsessed with celebrity culture.

The shackled cult of fame is what Stipe is singing about. This desire to swindle your way to riches. That kind of belief in the dollar that bankrupted our culture.

It’s hard not to be a part time wage earner and not feel the angst of what Stipe is singing about. So next time you’re on way home, feeling hungry, broke and tired, crank up “King of Comedy” from R.E.M.’s Monster and sing, loudly—“♫ I’m Not Commodity […] ♫”

Are you?

R.E.M. King of Comedy