Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos Day 3
Wed. Jan 12, 2012

Ray Lamontagne

“♫ My heroes have the heart to lose/ their lives out on a limb/ and all I remember is thinking I wanna be like them […] ♫”

I rediscovered this Gnarls Barkley cover done acoustic and brilliantly by Ray Lamontagne. Like Ryan Adams did with Noel Gallagher’s Wonderwall—Ray remakes Crazy into own southern stylish signature vibe. It sounds like Lamontagne actually wrote Crazy.

The original Crazy was a hit single for Gnarls Barkley & Danger Mouse that won a Grammy Award and was named best song of 2006 by Rolling Stone Magazine.

There now a sense of solace when I listen to Crazy— it resonates a memory blast from my not so distant past—my disconnected summer of discontent when I first arrived in So Cal.

The summer ’06 was one of the worst in my life—so that happened…“♫ Does that make me crazy/ probably [?]♫” Songs like Crazy somehow got me through. Thank you Ray!